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Why We Use Printable Products in our Homeschool

I've been making printable worksheets for our homeschool for year now, and I've been buying printable worksheets for almost as long! I love using printables for our homeschooling because they are fun, and it makes it easy to record what we're learning in any given month. Some states in the US have reporting requirements that have to be strictly followed, while other states just want you to keep a record of learning for "just in case". No matter what your state's requirements are, it's always wise to keep a learning record for each child in case some busybody tries to report your family for truancy or some such nonsense.

With printables, it is easy to keep those records! Homeschooling printables are a great way to show proof that learning is happening, and they're easy to keep in a little folder for each child. Just slip your most recently filled printable sheet behind the others, and they're already kept in a loose chronological order. And let's face it, printables are just so much fun! I like to buy printables in a themed bundle, like the upcoming Back to Homeschool Bash at the end of July, and I love seeing all the themed products and unit studies that people come up with!

As I continued making printables for my family and friends, I decided to start selling them as well, just to see if I could make some money to cover the costs of the blog. I've had hundreds of downloads of our products (which makes me so happy!!!) and I love seeing families using our homeschool printables to bless their family's lives. We have lots of free homeschool printables to offer, as well as more in depth unit study printables to use with children.

I've learned so much in the past few years about how to make and format printable products, and I've decided it is time to start retiring some of our older printable units so I can either update them, or just move on to new products entirely. I'm sad to do it, because some of these are dear to my heart, but it is time.... By July 29th I will be retiring our Farmyard Kindergarten Learning Pack and the Farmyard Classroom Essentials. I'm offering them at a special discount through July, for 50% off, so if you'd like to try out these early products of ours, then grab them now before it's too late!

Our Kindergarten pack has handwriting practice, math games, number recognition, and cursive alphabet cards. It also has two add-on units inside, a Preschool add-on with shape matching games, and early letter recognition, and a Second Grade add-on with math games, flashcards, and themed report sheets.

This was my first true attempt at making a unit printable, and I made it with my kids grade levels in mind, so it has a special fondness in my heart! The Classroom Essentials has a number frieze to put up on your walls, and a moveable alphabet that includes individual letters, as well as digraphs and trigraphs!

I'm sad to retire these two products, but I know it is time. Grab the Farmyard Kindergarten Learning Pack and Farmyard Classroom Essentials now before they are gone forever!

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