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Why I am starting Life in the Twenties

My blog exists to help new, expecting, and experienced mothers with the challenges that face motherhood in the modern age. With so many messages thrown at us on a daily basis, it can be hard to determine what is truly important for ourselves and our families. My goal is to show other mothers how I prioritize my time and mental energy, how I homeschool my ADHD kiddos, why I choose to work with educational methods like Waldor and Charlotte Mason, how I maintain a good relationship with God and my husband, and most importantly to help women understand their divine role and power as mothers.

1. Prioritize time and mental space.

This has been a long and hard lesson for me to learn over the years. There have been times when I've buried myself too deeply into the process of raising children and I lost myself along the way. There have been other times when I've mentally pulled away from my family, desperately seeking space on my own. Life doesn't have to be this way, and it shouldn't be like this for mothers. There are times when we need to put intense focus on our families, but there are other times when we should just be able to flow along smoothly from one day to the next! I want to help you, my readers, learn how to find that balance!

2. How to homeschool kids with ADHD.

This directly ties into item number one! Had I known some of the warning signs of ADHD sooner, I would have been better prepared to work with my children who have this special need. My child and I were diagnosed with it within 4 months of each other, and honestly, it put both his life and mine into a completely new perspective. If I had known about myself sooner, I would have been better prepared to raise a child with this neurodivergent condition. There are definitely things that need to be done differently for children who have ADHD, and my goal is to help you understand how and why they can be changed!

3. Why (and how) we use Waldorf and Charlotte Mason methods for our homeschool.

I've spent probably thousands of hours reading and researching about various educational methods, and the two that I keep coming back to are Waldorf and Charlotte Mason methods for education. A lot of people use Montessori methods (which are 100% amazing, let me assure you!), but for some reason, Waldorf and Mason speak to my soul in a way that Montessori does not. I find these methods to be particularly helpful with homeschooling kids with ADHD, since they incorporate lots of movement, outdoor time, minimal screen time, and a consistent rhythm to each day, all of which are essentials for kids with ADHD!

4. Maintaining a healthy relationship with God and my Husband.

You might think it silly that I've lumped these two together but in my experience they are (again) directly tied together. When I neglect my relationship with God I often get caught up in pessimism and become grumpy and mean with the man I love the most! If I pull myself away from my husband for some reason, I end up cutting myself off from God as well. I've learned a lot of hard lessons over the years, and I want to help other women avoid some of my own mistakes!

5. Help women understand our divine role and power as Mothers.

I understand, not all women want or will become mothers. But a great many women will. Going into motherhood can fill us with fear of the unknown, and leave us wondering how we are going to "do it all". Miscarriage makes us feel like failures. Postpartum depression and mood disorders make us feel like failures. Missing sleep at night makes us feel like failures. Taking a nap and resting (when we could be productive!!!) makes us feel like failures. Not contributing financially makes us feel like failures. Leaving our babies to go to work makes us feel like failures. We get these messages everywhere, and they are all lies! My main goal and purpose are to help mothers learn to understand their purpose, power, and divine support in motherhood. We do not have to live feeling like a constant failure. We can receive support and strength from God, and we can use that to benefit ourselves and our families!

My goal, and the purpose of my blog, is to help YOU, the mother out there wondering what you can do to improve your family life, to stay close to those who love you, to build up your own mind, and find yourself again after years of intense parenting. I know what that's like, and I know the challenges that come with it! So, I am here for you!

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