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Simple Family Preparedness

We can never know when a devastating emergency will come to our families. Whether it is a house fire, flood, or (like our brothers and sisters in Ukraine and other war-torn countries) an unexpected military occupation, we ALL need to be prepared for an emergency that could make our families displaced and homeless. Hearing about military conflicts that displace families and civilians is extremely hard for me. As a child my family had to flee our homes twice, leaving behind our lives and belongings, to escape from domestic violence and a psychotic stalker. We lived in women’s crisis shelters, and the only belongings each of us children were able to keep were what we could carry in a small plastic tote. We had to move across the country, change our names, and cut off contact with our friends and family for at least a year. So, watching as families are trying to get their children to safety – clinging to what few belongings they can carry in their arms – is incredibly difficult. I know the fear and terror those children feel. Whenever things like this happen – whether in Syria, Afghanistan, or Ukraine – I always have an urge to get my family’s emergency plans up to date. Whether it’s going through our giant first aid kit or reviewing our food storage inventory I always feel slightly better about our own ability to handle an emergency situation. I actually had a different topic I was going to write about this month, but watching events unfold in Ukraine has made me change my plans.

What is a Preparedness Plan? It is the plan your family uses to know what to do in the event of an emergency. Fire, flood, earthquake, invasion from a foreign country…. Basically, anything that might leave our families without immediate access to food, clothing, and shelter for a space of time. It is both a step-by-step plan to help your family BE prepared, and a specific course of actions your family will take in the event of an emergency. It can be as simple as having a backpack packed for each person in your family and a designated meeting place for everyone to gather (the absolute minimum that your family should have in place!) and go up in detail from there. Benefits of having a Family Preparedness Plan: · Family is ready in case of an emergency. Obvious benefit number one! · Children know what to do if something goes wrong. · Parents are on the same page with a consolidated plan of action · Peace of mind – knowing that we’ve done our best to prepare ourselves.

If we are prepared, we shall not fear. My adventurous childhood (please note the sarcasm) left me with a desire to be prepared for any likely emergency my family might face. Whether it was tornados, hurricanes, or earthquakes I wanted to know that we could get through it as safely as possible, if only for my own peace of mind. I want you to have that same peace and assurance.

What we’re going to cover this month: 1. 72 Hour Kit Essentials for Kids 2. 72 Hour Kit Essentials for Adults 3. Family First Aid Kits 4. Simple Family Preparedness Plans This is just our introductory post, explaining WHY we’re going to talk about this, because none of us can ever know when we will have a life altering emergency take place. We all have a responsibility to prepare ourselves and our families for the unexpected.

Last Things to Know The purpose of talking about creating a simple family preparedness plan is to empower and strengthen our families, not to create fear. When our children know what to do, and where to do during an emergency, they actually have more control in their lives and a sense of empowerment. Having a plan in place keeps us all (adults and children alike) from making foolish decisions in the event of an emergency. Large family preparedness is essential when there are so many moving parts and people. By creating a plan for your family to follow you can experience confidence in traumatic times.

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