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Homeschool Blessings Bundle 2022

It's here folks! The Homeschool Blessings bundle is back, and filled with awesome freebies! I am so happy when I can participate in these bundles, even though I don't make a single penny from them, because I know how much these products bless the lives of families that need help in their homeschooling journey.

This year's bundle is really amazing, filled with printables for children from preschool to high school. We've included our "Big Spring Bird Watching Journal" in the printable pack, so if you download the Blessings Bundle then you'll find a special discount code in it to get our printable for free! We've had too much of a cold wet spring to use it yet, but we're going to our local zoo tomorrow and we will be using it to document the birds we see there!

One product I'm really excited to start using with my kids is the "My Business Planner and Workbook" from Walking Fruitfully. We're starting a farmer's market stand this summer with our homeschool group to help the kids learn how to manage money, run a business, and learn entrepreneurial skills, so this planner will be just what we need to keep us on track with our small business!

There are so many beautiful and helpful printable options here, I know there's going to be something for everyone. Click the link below to access the Homeschool Blessings Bundle and start using your printables!

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