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Holiday Blessings Bundle

The Holiday Blessings Bundle

Have you ever had a holiday just sneak up on you, and wonder where it came from, and how it caught you so unprepared? I have, and it's not pretty! I end up stressed at the holiday, my kids are unhappy because they feel like they aren't getting the attention they need, and we generally have a less than fabulous time when that happens. Even when I AM prepared for the holiday, I am usually forgetting about arranging things to keep my kids entertained and engaged in the event! That's why I've started using (and making!) printables to give the kids the opportunity to get involved with the fun! Whether it's cutting out cards and bookmarks, or playing a word search, I like to be able to print something off, hand it to the kids, and know that they will have fun with it! Finding high quality, engaging, and inexpensive printables can be difficult though, which is why I'm so delighted to be involved with the Holiday Blessings Bundle!

What is the Holiday Blessings Bundle?

It is a free product that I've joined in making, where we bless YOU, our readers, with loads of freebies and discount coupons to make your holidays that much easier. We have everything from Thanksgiving and Christmas themes to MLK day! Patriotic holidays, Pi day, there are loads of fun and exciting printables to download!

We have added our own

Family Gratitude Journal

to the bundle, so don't forget to click on the Holiday Blessings Bundle link to get our amazing coupon codes!

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