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Adventure Awaits

This has been such a busy summer! We've had a farmer's market booth we've run with the boys, we've been job hunting for my husband, I've started a new business with my friend (more exciting details about that coming soon!), and I've been working non-stop behind the scenes here to get new printable products created for new bundles!

Our newest printable isn't even in the shop yet, but you can find it in the Harbor & Sprout Adventure Bundle! I'm pretty excited about our newest offering, the Treasure Island Family Read-along. It is chock-full of activities to do while your family listens to "Treasure Island" by Robert Louis Stevenson. My boys love listening to stories, whether I'm reading to them or we are listening on Audible, and this printable is perfect for keeping hands busy and minds engaged while listening!

There are loads of great activities and unit studies in the Adventure bundle, and I'm looking forward to using them throughout the beginning of this school year! This easy-to-use bundle of adventure is YOURS to purchase once then save and use for life. Valued at over $700 (yes, really!) and featuring the work of over 30 of the very best small shop creatives (us included of course!), this collection includes endless hands-on, wonder-filled activities to keep your curious learners of all ages busy for years to come. Plus, you’ll have the chance to add on the all-new Harbor + Sprout Essentials Pack and 30 Creative Fun-Schooling Projects Handbook by The Thinking Tree at a major discount! Inside the bundle, you’ll find all kinds of resources to guide you along the path of discovery including:

🌱Finding Your Way: A Guide to Not Getting Lost

🌱Nature Journals about Foraging, Birds, Moon Study, Camping + Nature Adventures

🌱Moths Activity and Learning Pack

🌱Camile Saint Saëns Unit Study

🌱Hedgerow Adventures Foraging Guide

🌱Dino Math Pack

🌱Norse Mythology Pack

🌱Treasure Island Family Read-Along Guide

🌱Grand Canyon and Great Smoky Mountains Unit Studies

🌱French Learning Resources

🌱Black Bear Learning Pack

🌱Dandelion Unit

🌱Basics and Early Learning Activities

🌱Book Studies

🌱Music Study

… and SO much more.

Just check out some of these to die for photos from the bundle!

I personally love using printables to supplement our units that we study during the school year. In January I have planned for us to do a Paleontology unit study, and I can't wait to use the Dino Math and Volcanos printables to expand our learning! Just look at how dreamy these units are:

I highly suggest you go for the full upgrade if you want all the benefits from this gorgeous set of printables, the upgraded bundle is $45, but you can also get the partial upgrade - with bundle and essentials only for $35. This bundle is only available until the 29th, so if you're ready to get this amazing bundle, then click the link below!

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