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Hi! I'm Laura

And I am a writer, a mother, and a home education consultant!


I would like to help you with starting your journey of homeschooling and motherhood. Everybody needs a mentor, especially when we find ourselves in unfamiliar circumstances (like becoming a new mom!), and I want to be that mentor for you. 


I am really good at cooking, snuggling children, and getting grumpy babies to sleep. I've been taking care of children since I was 8 years old, and while being a parent myself now is challenging, I do really love all the learning and growing that comes with being a mother!


Here's a quick list of things to know about me:


  1. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

  2. I love to take naps because I never get enough sleep with my kids around!

  3. Please don’t talk to me before my morning shower

  4. I love all kinds of chocolate, but my favorites are ethical and sustainable brands

  5. I’m currently attending college, as is my husband, while we homeschool our kids

  6. When I get stressed I tend to shut down and I'm not very functional

  7. I was diagnosed with ADHD only a couple of years ago (hence the stress shutdowns!)

  8. I really like walking and hiking through the woods

  9. My family is my world and I’ll do anything for them

  10. I see myself in other new moms, and I want to help and be a supportive role model for them, the way that I needed one when I was a new mom!


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